Friday, April 12, 2013

How to get free silver from banks (legally)

                                                                                                                            Did you ever want to get free silver from the bank? Well now you can.The method I use to find silver is by going to banks and asking for rolls of half dollars, and dollar coins as they are the largest and carry the most silver inside them.You also can buy quarters and silver dimes too,They are more commonly found.Buy as much as you can afford ,Go home and go through the roll and keep all the coins that are dated before 1971 because U.S. silver dimes, quarters, halves and dollars minted in 1964 or earlier are 90% silver. The fifty cent piece is one of the most common coins in US history, and was very widely used up until about 50 years ago, but it has effectively disappeared from circulation. Part of the reason it disappeared is that the half dollar became the Kennedy half dollar in 1964 to honor the assassinated president, and it was extraordinarily popular as a memento of a much-loved public figure so people tended to hold on to it. Kennedy half dollars of 1965 through 1970 have a 40% silver content  they are more commonly found.Then just Roll up all the halves that have no silver content(after 1971) and return them to the bank. Cash them in or trade them for more rolls.You can go to banks ,loan companies. Even grocery stores  and ask for the half dollars.
  • You can even ask the banks to order you some from other branches. Every now and then, I’ll ask the banker to order me a box or two of half-dollars .They are happy to do it, and there is no surcharge.  I pick them up on Friday, and I have all weekend to look at them before having to get the money back in the bank!  From my experience small towns are the best to find these old coins.With the price of silver going up we can hold on to it or sell it for the

    ongoing silver price and cash in on some good profit ,I’ve scored lots of silver and silver/clads, Franklin halves,  Again, I am getting collectible coins (not to mention the price of silver) for Face value! you’re out your time,not your money.
    As a general rule, each $1 in face value of 90 percent silver coins contains about 0.715 troy ounce of pure silver, and every $1 of 40 percent silver coins contains about 0.295 troy ounce of silver. These calculations are slightly imperfect, however, because coins lose metal content as they wear. The exact silver content of your coins can only be determined by weighing them.Just remember to sell on a peak when the prices is high, and not a dip when the price is down.

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